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Welcome to Kerlin’s Western and Work Wear’s retail website, otherwise known as, Our retail store is located along US 30 in Warsaw, Indiana, where we feature our products in a 7,500 square foot showroom. Our store is broken apart into departments; much like they are on our website, women’s, men’s, kid’s, hats, jewelry, animal and tack, and home décor. Our store does however have one unique difference that you will not find on our website that is our famous “boot wall”! With over 3,000 pairs of boots on display, there really is no other store that can come close to our selection.

More history on Kerlin’s can be found on our about us page, but I just wanted to share a few important things about our history that can help you understand what makes Kerlin’s Western and Work Wear stand our against all you other choices for shopping.

Grandpa Russel Kerlin founded the Kerlin brand clear back in 1927, Kerlin Motor Company. Business today is very different than when Grandpa started. Grandpa would meet the train and pay the train engineer for a Model T car in a crate that would be assembled in the small dealership by my Grandpa and 3 other men that worked with him. A single visit to the dealership, a handshake, a smile and a sincere Thank you concluded the car “deal”, not weeks of shopping, miles of driving, hours of online researching and pages of documents.

I am appreciative to be in the business world today, and for my family’s history, enduring the years of challenges and perseverance to be where we are today. I also wonder where the future will take the Kerlin Family Businesses. This is an exciting time as we continue to strive for better ways to serve our customers in all facets of our businesses. Our ultimate goal is to continue to make Grandpa proud and remain true to the handshake, smile and sincere Thank you.

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